Mark Pleatman

"I first met Dr. Pleatman at an informational meeting at a local hospital. His presentation was easy to understand and he had considerable data on all of his patients. (No names were used to insure privacy.) He allowed plenty of time for questions and took the time to explain his answers. Dr. Pleatman is a soft spoken man. He has taken obesity as a serious issue and provides much information to his patients. What I liked about him is that he doesn't do the surgery and you never see him again. He is involved all the way pre/post op and provides extensive follow-up care through support groups, dietitian services and easy access to him. His office staff is awesome. Jo handles all the paperwork necessary. She knows exactly what information is needed before submitting it to the insurance company. Joan, the dietitian, meets with you before and after the surgery giving great suggestions on what to eat. Karen has had the surgery, so she knows first hand and is willing to answer all questions. Adele runs the support groups. They try to meet once a month and plan fun activities to do as a group. Dr. Pleatman has an informational package that you can download from his website. He encourages everyone to read and research bariatric surgery to get as much information as possible. I saw him everyday at the hospital, even on my discharge day which was on a Saturday. He is a kind and caring man who is genuinely concerned about the obese population."
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