Nov 29, 2010

It's been three years now since I changed my future.  I was traveling on the road so many travel that end up with multiple health problems and I decided to check into weightloss surgery.  My band was placed 11/29/2007 and in the next year I lost 90 lbs. After having found out that I had erosion & my band would be removed I could so easily put that weight back on with even more to join if I didn't continue on with the changes that were made in my life. My band was removed 15 months ago but I continue on and so far I have gained back 15 lbs of the original 90 that were lost with my band.  I am determined not to give up my fight with obesity.  I continue to watch my diet & exercise several times weekly.  I can't say that I exercise daily but I do try to move around as much as possible to burn extra calories.  I don't check in with Obesity Help nearly as often as I originally did but I don't feel I need to anymore.  I KNOW I could easily regress if I give up the fight that's why I continue on with my lifestyle changes.


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