One Year Anniversary Today 5/12/09

May 12, 2010

Well this is my first year out and thing's are fantastic as far as WLS !!!!!!!!! My total weight loss as of this morning is 190 lbs I feel great and thank you RNY:) Thank William Beaumont Hospital & weight control center, my surgeon DR David Chengelis !!! My starting weight was 373 lbs. anniversary

Mother's Day

May 09, 2010

Hope all the Mother's out there are having a fantastic mother's Day !!


Apr 04, 2010

Have a great Easter !!!!!!!!!!!!

A Good Day

Feb 26, 2010

Well today I have gone from obesity to overweight on the BMI scale nice day :)
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Valentine's Day

Feb 12, 2010

Happy Valentines Day to one and all !! Have a great weekend.

Nine Months Out

Feb 11, 2010

Today will be the ninth month out and I am down 177lbs From Feb of '09' I am off all but one med and that is a blood pressure med that has been reduced from 100mg to 25mg once a day. My starting wt in Feb was 373lbs and the day of my surgery in May I was 373lbs,this morning I was 196lbs. That's all for now
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A WoW Moment

Feb 04, 2010

I weighed myself this morning and the scale showed 198lbs and I cant remember the last time I was 198 "lol" This was a real WoW moment for me :)


Jan 30, 2010

January is gone and it was a slow month with a lot of stall's "lol" but now that i am use to the dam stall's I can get past it with out doing damage to my weight by not sabotage myself and turn to binge eating to feel better  thank you RNY !!
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Eight Months Out Today

Jan 11, 2010

Today I am 8 months out and down 131lbs from the day of surgery and down 180lbs From Feb of "09" I cant express how happy I am about having the RNY and the outcome so far !! Starting BMI of 58.8 and as of this morning BMI is 31.8 !! And making this journey with the help of the OH family and all the Info and support has made my weight loss and journey possible ! Thank you one and All !!!!!!!!! Weight this morning is 203lbs
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2009 What A Year

Dec 31, 2009

Well I will start with my weight in Feb I was 383lbs and I will leave 2009 at 209lbs that part is amazing to me and my family we are very grateful and much of my accomplishments are due to a very supportive wife and daughters and the OH family I cant thank everyone enough for sharing there journeys and Info !! 
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