One day away....120+

Jul 09, 2019


I have not been on here for so long. I had my gastric bypass in 2007. From the beginning, I could eat way more than anyone else. I lost maybe 70-80 lbs. Great but that meant 294 to 225 as a 5’7 female. 

I went up and down. Took me several years. Then I just decided to see what was wrong. Had a revision due to excessive strectching and hernias.

Even that only helped a bit. Am I just destined to be fat? Nope. So through a lot of steps. Some super unhealthy.  I am now at 178. That’s about where I’ve been able to settle. And things are hanging (yuck!!!) but I really do like the way I look in clothes. Just not naked lol. 

So I saw a plastic surgeon and Wednesday I have a bodylift, a breast augmentation and a bit of thigh lipo.

I am so scared. I feel so vain. But I’ve come this far. Thank you for reading.




5 Weeks and Worried About Weight Loss

Sep 21, 2007

So, its been 5 weeks. The second week, I lost like 10 lbs and then its been smaller and smaller amounts since.  Last week, I only lost 1.5 lbs!!!

I talked to my NUT and she said that I need to increase protein, drink more and eat slower which has been so hard for me. I dont dump, I can eat more than 2 oz and maybe I am just doing something wrong. I also walk 5 days a week and make sure my calories never go above the 900-1100 range which for this early on is alot I think but prior to WLS, would be so low for me and one would thing, I would be able to lose weight on!!!

I am scared and a bit frustrated, but I wont give up hope....Even 2 lbs a week I suppose is a slow and steady way and eventually the time will pass, the seasons will change and I will ultimately be at a healthy weight.....

My Surgery Experience

Aug 18, 2007

So Saturday evening before surgery, we went over to our closest friends who did takeout from one of my favorite indian places and we had a nice meal and the Ben and Jerry's ice cream and I know we arent supposed to do a last supper but I didnt care, there are some things you have to so you feel like you are ready.

Then on Sunday I started the 2 day clear liquid diet nd also the Fleet Phosphosoda to clean out your system. Ick. Ick. That is surely the most disgusting stuff I have ever tasted. I finally mixed it with some fruit punch, couldnt event drink it down. So nasty. I spent all day Sunday at home just dealing with the effects of the stuff.

Then Monday just sort of hummed along with trying to finish work and spend time with hubby and son and hyrdrating myself. I think I just made peace with myself that this was a risky surgery but was worth it and so the last night, while I still had last minute jitters, it wasn't horrible either.

Then we woke up bright and early on Tuesday and were at the hospital by 6 where I spent literally 5 min in the waiting area and they wheeled me into Pre Op. My Dad and Hubby came along and they gave them a pager so they could freely move around in the hospital. Baby and Mom stayed home. My Mom was very emotional when we left. Even though I have a daytime nanny, I just wanted her to be home with the baby so I knew he was with family.

In pre-op, they started my IV and I had the most annoyingly chatty nurse almost drove me bonkers. She was like wow, you are so healthy. Like, so what? And telling me all about her husband and how she is too old for kids. And all I wanted to do was just have a few moments with my husband and my Dad and to be thankful for all that life has given me.

Anyways, I met with my surgeon and my anesthesia team and then it was time and I said goodbye and as they were wheeling me away, the anesthesia team started a sedative drip to keep me calm and boom, I was out. I can't remember anything after that except waking up for brief moments in Post Care Anesthesia and some flashing images and a very nice technician. Then I was in my room at the hospital, on a bed, still very drugged and confused and my family was there around me. Supposedly the bariatic nurse said that even in my drugged state, I was insisting I needed to walk. The rest of the day, I just was in a blur with pain killers but started walking as soon as I could and did 3 walks.  

The next day I had some dehydration so had to keep trying to breathe and stayed on more day and got flowers and visitors.Finally, the 3rd day evening,  the drain was taken out and I was able to shower and go home in the evening! I was so tired and so drained from the car ride, but it was nice to be home in my own environment.

I really liked my hospital and my surgeon. And I had a private, nice room which was wonderful. The nurses at the hospital were a bit over worked and sort of impersonal which is odd because I have stayed at that hospital before when delivering my baby, and found the nurses to be outstanding. So that was kind of hard to handle but still, overall, they were nice so I will not complain too much.  I guess you have to be in someone's shoes to understand. 



2 Days Before Surgery

Aug 12, 2007


So its Sunday. My surgery is now less than 48 hours away and today, I started the surgery prep with the Fleet Saline and the 2 days of liquids. I did eat breakfast and then took the stuff and now will be all liquids. I suppose, some of this, you just have to do what makes sense. Anyways, the fleet saline made me nauseous and gag a lot. Its the most disgusting substance on earth. But I suppose it does the trick. 

I am getting pretty nervous. I love my husband and son so much and the thought of leaving them here just makes me so sad. I just have to pray and have faith that all goes well.


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