Michael W. Johnell M.D., F.A.C.S

"My first impression of Dr. Johnell came from his office staff. They were all friendly. It seemed apparent that he must treat them well as it came though in the way they treated me. My first impression only became more and more clear-cut after I started the program. I first met the majority of his office staff at an expert symposium that I attended. Before your first appointment, you must attend this. The panel included Dr. Johnell, the office psychologist, the plastic surgeon that works with his group, his wife (she's as sweet as can be), and several other staff members along with one of his one-year out post op patients. They all spoke and afterwards, the panel was open for questions. They were all genuine. I was so impressed that they were aware and recognized of the bias that obese people experience on a daily basis. He's really given this his heart or maybe his heart really gave this to him, which ever way, he's turned out to be a great person. Dr. Johnell requires aftercare. You have many appointments to make post-op. Not only that, but his staff encourages you to call anytime you feel you're struggling with the mental, physical or any other aspect of the life changes. Support groups are set up on Mondays and there is no sign up needed. When Dr. Johnell speaks at the expert symposium and from that time on, the risks are never hidden or put aside. He has each patient meet with his dietician and each must pass a psychological eval. Dr. Johnell is the absolute best in his field. I recommend him first, last and always. His surgical competence and beside manner are not to be out classed. He is a person before he is a surgeon. I know it seems all so positive, this all does come from my heart. I have had a very positive experience and am very happy with my WLS surgeon decision. Last of all, Best of luck in your WLS journey."

North Colorado Medical Center (COE)

"What can I say. They left me speachless. They care, they care, they care. "
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