Moving onward...a long overdue update

May 17, 2009

Why is this font so large?

Have moved back to my hometown of Kansas City.  Well actually we are in the burbs of Johnson County Ks now.  We moved the first week in April,  yes in the middle of the school year. It was time to leave Philadelphia. Thanks for the memories Philly, we got to see the Phillies, the Jersey shore, had some water ice and great soft pretzels but it was time to return to our homeland of barbeque and American League baseball. 

I love Kansas City.  

Am now back at my old hospital: The Childrens Mercy Hospital. Great place, great people. Like coming home. I've missed everyone.

My self: is fine. Had a few complications in the last 8 months. Back in October had the emergent incarcerated hernia repair. No fun. But fine now.
Then had to have the gall bladder out end of February. No fun but it's all done.  Proceeded to have a garage sale the weekend after I had it done. Bad idea. I paid in spades for that ridiculousness.  So much pain. But had to do it. We had to move. 

Spare ya that story. Not for public knowledge. Let's just say again: IT"S GOOD TO BE HOME!

I feel great. Staying the course at 165-170lbs. I don't eat much. Am a VERY cheap date. Have discovered Isagenix, a wonderful supplement that makes me feel great, has good protein in it and lots of all the vites I need to stay healthy. Have to find a new bypass doc. I think that will be Dr Price at St Lukes but haven't made a date with him just yet, need to though. Our insurance doesn't kick in for a few more weeks.  

Also now trying to sell Avon. I don't have a natural sales type personality but I like the company and the skin care line is great.  Will give it a go.  I need new pics...erg. I hate trying to fit new pics in that avatar box. We have a new webcam, maybe I can do it with that....will try tonight.


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