7 Weeks 1 Day after surgery

Feb 17, 2009

Wow...time flies when you cannot eat a lot.
Today, I am down 34 pounds since surgery day.
On average, the lap band brings about a 1 to 2 pound a week weight loss.
The first 3 weeks don't count in the average, but since the last 4 weeks I'm closer to 3 pounds a week.

I got my first lap-band fill today.  I was nervous, because I just was.
However, it went fine and quicker than I expected.

The needle the doctor used was quite scary looking, but I did have a local numbing.
The weird part was having to drink the water to see where the fill needed to be.
It was like trying to just barely having a clogged drain then letting it out to find the "sweet spot".

I walked 1.5 miles today at the gym in 30 minutes.  I'm aiming for the 2 miles suggested by the doctor.
I want to be able to walk in the "walk for babies" March of Dimes annual walk on April 25th.

I'm back on a full liquid diet for a few days, so there is not much to tell about my eating (drinking).

I'm going to talk to my family doctor at tomorrow's visit about whether the Lexapro could be replaced by something else.
I'm also going to try an estrogen patch.  The surgeon thinks my hormones might be a little out of whack.