Kathy T. 15 years ago

Lots of hugs, and only good healing wishes headed your way Michelle. Guess you are going to be coming home to the states, sunny side up? But seriously, best wishes for an uneventful procedure, followed by lightening fast healing, and lots of rest.

K-in-PA 15 years ago

Sending you many wishes for a smooth sailing surgery and speedy recovery! We're expecting an updated Food Porn post complete with a "post plastics pain med" ala mode recipe and finished off with a tequila chaser!! LOL Take care and heal well. Hugs!!

Jill23 15 years ago

Good luck tomorrow! I'll be thinking of you!! Love, Jill

Jill23 15 years ago

Good luck tomorrow! I'll be thinking of you!! Love, Jill

Aphrodites 15 years ago

Oh sweetie I wish you the bestes of luck. I will be having surgery tomorrow too so I guess we'll become new people together. lol Anyways rest up and sending you alot of positive vibes so all goes well and hoping you have a speedy recovery. Take care!!

spoiledbratt 15 years ago

Wishing you the best eggface you are an ispiration to us all we all love you and whis you the best.. your friend Debbie.

ReneeW 15 years ago

Good luck with your surgery tomorrow, my thoughts are with you, and hoping for a speedy recovery for you.

michv 15 years ago

Good luck with surgery tomorrow. Have a fast recovery and safe trip. Please let us know how your doing as soon as you can. Michelle

Rebecca (Becky) A. 15 years ago

My thoughts will be with you tomorrow Michelle. Only the best to you and hurry back to the kitchen.

RobynCarp 15 years ago

Don't eat the worm! OK Seriously hope everything goes well in Mexico. You are in my thoughts and prayers.
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