5 year surgiversery

Jun 05, 2012

 Well it has been 5 years today. In total, I went from 270 at my highest, to 143 as my lowest. Today, I am honestly not sure what I weigh. I went through IVF last year, and currently have the most perfect baby ever! I got up to 208 during my pregnancy and weight gain from IVF. Last I checked I was 177, but I have lost more since then. My big news is that I am scheduled for an abdominoplasty in 15 days! 

Anyone who says this is the easy way out is so wrong. I went through some major blood loss of unknown etiology during my first surgery, so I needed a transfusion and an extra day in the hospital. 8 days after going home, I was diagnosed with a leak, and had emergency surgery, a near death experience, and a very painful recovery. My body changed, but it is funny how your mind starts to let things slip, even when  you swear you will be a perfect patient and never break the rules. I know I will never get back to 270 pounds, but I really hate where I am right now too. 

The one rule I have never broken, is to take my vitamins!! I have suffered debilitating back pain for the past 3 years, so that is the biggest reason for the abdominalplasty, and part of the reason I have fallen off the wagon on exercise. I do keep my portions small, but I drink pop, I don't count my protein, I drink during meals and I can tolerate some sugar on most days, although other days I cant. I also dont take NSAIDS for pain control, which has been challenging with the pain. Hopefully the next 5 years are kind to me, and I can get back on track with exercising. 


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