My story is probably not any different than most the people's on this website but here it goes.   I am currently 41 years of age and have been overweight most of my life except when I was in the Navy and that is because they monitored you so you had that "big brother" complex.   My weight I beleive contributed to my first marriage going down hill because she did not find me attractive anymore and she always put me down for it.   I have 3 children from my first marriage Vanessa 19, Robert Jr 17 and Kari 15.  

     I am in my second marriage now with a wonderful woman who has helped me to grow more than she knows and we have 2 great children Gabrielle 5 and Zachary 4.  Stacy had the surgery about 3 years ago and looks great and she is my inspiration for me too do the same and feel better about myself and look good for her.  I want more energy to play with my children and to live longer.  I am scared a little about the surgery but more scared if I do not have it done what could happen to me and will I die sooner than I should have.   I just put my surgery in the hands of God and will go from there and trust in him.  


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