Two years

Aug 02, 2011

I cant believe it has already been two years. My goodness how things have changed. I have settled into a routine, and I am used to this life.
Living with RNY is not a nightmare yet. I have learned what to eat, and my life is considerably more enjoyable. I cant bitch and moan about missing donuts, ding dongs or cheeto's, I didnt eat them before. I do miss flour tortilla's and bread from time to time. If thats all, life is good.
I dont get on OH to much these days, the gossip and pissing on the site is so petty. If you dont get drug in and "moderated" a bit, you have missed the entire experience. Don't worry there is life outside the OH website.
Good luck if your new and reading this. Don't get sucked in when an attention whore berates you for being stupid, just ignore them and keep on moving.  


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