Thyroid gone

Dec 20, 2011

Unable to determine if the tumor was benign or malignant, they took the whole thyroid. Been home 5 days and my voice is still weak.  I am not able to swallow water and most liquids without coughing and spitting up, not an ideal situation to be in. I hope it is only the scar. I am still managing, not sure what the loss of the thyroid is at this time. Nothing blaring has happened and my hair is not falling out.  Had a couple of hot flashes but I think that is due to a change in my taking progesterone, might need to up it again. Christmas is rolling around and I am still waiting for some regain weight.  I am down to size 2 and I refuse to buy anymore clothes. Otherwise there is nothing to complain about.  Time for a quick nap.

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