5 months

Jan 03, 2010

i am 5 months out today and have lost a total of 135 lbs! 33 before surgery and i am loving it went from a size 32 to 22 i can fit into a 20 but they are still  bit tight lol woohoo! i havent lost 1 lb in a week and im not even that frustrated bc i have lost so much already but im gonna kick my ass at the gym this week

just a little update

Nov 15, 2009

well i am now 3 months and 12 days out of surgery and since my highest weight am down 105 lbs but since surgery im down 72 lbs...all together i have lost a total of 48 inches...mostly on my chest and hips lol but anywho i love my wls i do feel like i have started to lose really slow though i lost 10 lbs last month i have lost 4 this month though so hopefully i do better this month then last lol idk i have mixed feelings i see how some people lost soo much more then me but i guess everyones different right ...oh yeah and i went from a 32 to a 26 and the 26 is getting really big lol but im broke soo gotta wait to get my 24s i havent been in a 24 since highschool!

update !

Sep 08, 2009

well i am 5 weeks out and so far have lost 38 lbs and 33 inches around my whole boday holy canoli!!!!! and i shrunk an inch lol what the? did anyone else shrink? as far as food goes i am doing fairly well ive only vomited twice once the first day i ate food and today because i ate a damn cracker that was my first real dumping experience even though i ate a cracker yesterday today it made me ill i guess that will happen though lol...check out my new pics i am finally starting to notice a difference!


Aug 14, 2009

I am 11 days out today and lost a total of 21 lbs so far and a total of 9 inches ...not too shabby! i love it!

def worth it

Aug 10, 2009

im in love i lost 18 lbs so far and im just 7 days post op....i didnt even gain any weight in the hospital either which was weird but hey im not complaining lol i know the weight loss will slow down but as for right now im on cloud 9!

that was a bit of a scare

Jul 29, 2009

i woke up to a voicemail of dr lisa hardy saying my nicotine levels were 210 when i havent friggin smoked since june!!....so i called her back she said dr rogers was thinking about rescheduling my surgery i was so upset she said shed call me back bc dr rogers was in surgery but dr rogers was cranky she said if im fibbing i will pay for it lol ill heal slower and all that i told her i havent smoked since june 11th at my friends grad party bc i was a wee bit intoxicated but i had quit before that too...so long story short my surgery is still august 3rd thank god oh and ps i almost killed my mom today lol she made grilled cheese (my favorite) and ate it right in front of me so i got my broth and went in my room LOL!


Jul 21, 2009

I feel like i just hit the jackpot got an email from Dawn yesterday saying i was approved for surgery it was insane because i got an email yday morning at like 10 saying she submitted to my ins today then at 415 i got another email saying i was approved!!!!! that friggin quick some people told me it could take up to 6 weeks and it took a few hours unbelieveable...so i start my liquid diet sunday and i had a few apt yday in hershey 1st with my anestheiologist shes so nice i love her and not too mention one of the few women that are taller then me!!! first thing i did was look to see if she had heels on but nope she was like 6'2!!!! i had to have an ekg and some bloodwork ddone and they gave me a script for a shot i have to take the day before i think its called lovenox its a blood thinner and also two pills one to take night before one to take morning of for acid reflux....im so excited its a wonderful feeling im also soooooo friggin nervous!!! i have to go for moreeeee bloodwork today i feel like a pincushion!!!!!

havent posted in a long time

Jul 03, 2009

so i basically chickend out the 1st time around and never went through with the surgery but this timeeee i have a date!!! yayy i cant believe i actually have a date august 3rd hopefully if everything goes right...i met my surgeon for the 1st time yesterday and i love her!  she is so nice reminds me of my aunt lol looks like her too...i had too take a nicotine test yesterday please pray that i passed...i quit smoking 5 days beforehand but before that i was only smoking for 2 weeks bc before that i quit for a month i started back up bc my pop was in the hospital and they gave him days to live but this time my body is actually letting me quit i have 0 cravings its like my body is sayin "ok u dont need cigarettes anymore bc i wanna be helthy " lol but im soooo friggin excited surgery in like 30 days wooohooo
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oh crap

Apr 17, 2008

Ok so I had my 1st appt with dr bono today and found out some very crappy news....i now have high blood pressure , pretty sure i have sleep apnea so i gotta go for a sleep study...i gained 13 lbs since feb. soooo now i weigh 426 and my bmi is like 59 ... well my ins doesnt cover the filter and thats 10 grand and i dont have it and im not borrowing it from my mother sooo i have to lose 76 lbs in 3 months......here we gooooooo...wish me luck


Apr 13, 2008

ok so i havent updated this in a while....well i started out down in hershey pa but it was just way to far and there were a few other reasons i decided to go elsewhere....so now im in the process of getting all my testing and stuff done well i just started actually lol....i had my 1st mandatory informational session on the 7th with dr bono(love him and jane btw). now i have my 1st actual appt with him on the 17th....and a group meeting on the 16th......ok so i went for what i thought was my psych evaluation on the 8th it was just an appt for the drs assistant to ask me my whole life story that seemed fine i was so nervous tho lol....so i have my actual psych eval on the 28th i hope i passit lol im kinda nuts muahahahaha

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