that was a bit of a scare

Jul 29, 2009

i woke up to a voicemail of dr lisa hardy saying my nicotine levels were 210 when i havent friggin smoked since june!! i called her back she said dr rogers was thinking about rescheduling my surgery i was so upset she said shed call me back bc dr rogers was in surgery but dr rogers was cranky she said if im fibbing i will pay for it lol ill heal slower and all that i told her i havent smoked since june 11th at my friends grad party bc i was a wee bit intoxicated but i had quit before that long story short my surgery is still august 3rd thank god oh and ps i almost killed my mom today lol she made grilled cheese (my favorite) and ate it right in front of me so i got my broth and went in my room LOL!


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