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Nov 15, 2009

well i am now 3 months and 12 days out of surgery and since my highest weight am down 105 lbs but since surgery im down 72 lbs...all together i have lost a total of 48 inches...mostly on my chest and hips lol but anywho i love my wls i do feel like i have started to lose really slow though i lost 10 lbs last month i have lost 4 this month though so hopefully i do better this month then last lol idk i have mixed feelings i see how some people lost soo much more then me but i guess everyones different right ...oh yeah and i went from a 32 to a 26 and the 26 is getting really big lol but im broke soo gotta wait to get my 24s i havent been in a 24 since highschool!


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