Well here I am, somewhere where I thought I would never be.  I was told about Gastric Bypass Surgery at least a million times over the past 10 years, and every single time I said no way I can do this on my own.  Well 10 years later I finally made the right decision, I had the surgery.  I understand it is a new way of life for me, but I beleive this is exactly what I needed.  I have arthritus really bad and in just one month after surgery, I can already feel the diffference.  I believe I will adjust to this new life and great things I will be able to do.  I want to thank whoever it was that invented this great way to lose the weight and finally keep it off.  I know I have a long way to go but optomistic.  I will continue to write periodically so I will continue to follow my goal.  Right now  am 1 month post-op 35 lbs down and 115 to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now it has been 2 months and now am down 55lbs.  I have less than 100lbs to go.  My energy level is gone way up.  Having the surgery is the bravest thing I have ever done.  I look forward to so many things, all my life I had a low self-esteem because of my weight, I always felt like I never fit in anywhere.  Society makes you feel that way.  I feel like the future looks so bright for me.  I can't over eat anymore because of the surgery, and because of this i am really happy.

Now I am about to be 6 months out  on January 16, 2008 and feeling great.  I have lost 93 LBS to date 12/28/2007 - My goal is to have loss 100 Lbs by the time the 16th comes around.  I will then have only 40 Lbs to lose which I believe should be off by the spring, I never Imagined that I would be able to finally look and feel so good about myself.  It can only get better!!!!!

Well I have reached my first goal, I have lost 100lbs, and my 6 month anniversary is tomorrow WOOHOO!!!!!  My next goal is be under 200LBS, you can already say that goal is complete, all I have to do is lose 1 lb, and by tomorrow it could happen. My final goal is to be 160lbs.  When I reach that goal I will be screaming it from the roof tops.  I only have 40lbs to go!!!   I have to say that I am happy where I am now, I look a hundred percent better.  So whether I lose any more weight or not, as long I maintain it won't matter to me anymore.  I feel wonderful right now!!!  I know will continue to lose, and that is okay too.  My health is great and that is what matters.  I will be updating my pics tomorrow, on my 6 month anniversary.  So check them out!!!!

Well it has been exactly 11 months ago today that I took my before pics 3 days before the surgery.  It will be exactly 11 months this Monday since I had my surgery.  I am just lovin life!!!  I feel like I finally have everything I dreamed of.  I am only 4LBS. away  from my original goal of 160LBS.  I never thought this would ever happen!!  The surgery has given me the energy and confidence that I thought I would never have.  I am also very happy because I am in great health too.  In 1 month I will probaly exceed my goal when it is my 1 year anniversary.  I am so greatful that I have a chance to finally look , and feel so good.

Well since I last updated my profile it has been 2 months, and I am now 13 months out.  I have surpassed my goal of 160LBS!!!  Woo Hoo!!!  I am actually 11 LBS below my target weight.  I am so greatful today that I have finally found just what I needed to lose the weight ,and hopefully finally maintain it.  If I live too see tommorrow I am truly blessed!!!

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