After 2 days of liquid diet...

Sep 16, 2010

12 days until surgery! This is the end of the second day of liquids for my 2 week pre-op diet. Honestly, it is not as bad as I was expecting during the day. I am able to have protein drinks which satisfy me for 2-3 hours and then other clears in between. The hard part has been in the evening when my family is eating dinner. Even preparing dinner for my daughter has been has always been so easy to take a few bites of the mac n' cheese and green beans. My husband decided he would be supportive and do liquids with me in the evening...that lasted about an hour yesterday and then I caught him sneaking food in the kitchen. I guess I have to be thankful that he is trying to be thoughtful and not eat in front of me. Tonight he had dinner with Gabby. I am okay with it - I wouldn't want to do liquids if I didn't have to either!

I guess I just want to take a second to say how supportive my husband has been throughout this process. When I started my 3 month medically supervised diet, he started with me. Over the past 4 months, he has lost 36 pounds. I lost 4 (PCOS is the devil). He looks great! It has been hard to see him drop so quickly, but I know that my time on the losers bench will start soon!

My nerves are still an issue. I cry at the drop of a hat, generally when I think about having to say goodbye to my family as they wheel me into the OR. Part of the problem is that I have a nurse brain. It isn't always the best to know all of the bad things that can happen. I assume it is easier to have faith that things will be okay when you don't have a reference for the opposite - as evidenced by my husband and family's optomism. On a side note - I was so neurotic when I was pregnant with my daughter that my midwife gave me a lecture about how having anxiety over the unknown is showing God that you don't trust in Him. Can you believe that!? That is how over the top I was! I worked at Children's Mercy Hospital for most of my career, so I have seen everything...and I was worried about it all.

Anyways...going to eat a sugar free popcicle and go to bed. I have had a terrible headache today. I don't know if it is from the lack of food or if it is completely unrelated. I quit caffeine 4 months ago, so it isn't that...


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