5/11/09-2 week follow up appointment today for LBL!

May 11, 2009

Ok, so I went to the doc today and let my surgeon see my incisions for the first time since surgery.  The last time I was there, last week, the nurse took out my drains and he was sick but she said I looked great.

I had a lot of dried blood/scabs on my belly button and I was pretty sure this is all it was but wanted to make sure that there wasn't any necrosis (tissue death).  He wasn't concerned at all, said it looks good.  Tissue inside is fine.  Got the stitches out of there today.  Then he said that the incision above my mons area (pubic area) that he was a tiny bit concerned about intially postop - referred to as slightly "dusky" (red flag to a nurse!) said it looked great and the tissue bounced back beautifully.  So I am thankful.  So all sutures, steristrips, drains... ALL GONE!  Said I had some fluid on my abdomen but should go down eventually to keep wearing my garment and of course the silicone strips that decreases scaring.  Wants me to be faithful to both of these which I will do so of course.  I actually like my garment! Never thought I would say that, I feel vulnerable without it.

He also said I can expect to lose weight after this surgery.  I told him I was already down a few more pounds than what he took off.  He said don't be surprised if I go down even more.  Wow.. ok.  My brain has issues with going to low etc b/c I have had family tell me since I hit 190 lbs that I look anorexic.. sigh so I have to not worry about what others think of me.  I eat plenty, way more than the average postop.  

He then showed me how he could do breast work for me and fix the rest of my "rolls" - my side boob and what is left of the roll he couldn't flatten totally with LBL.  The incision would be at the side boob itself.. like a U shape sorta.. hard to explain.  I was amazed when he showed me.  Of course I wanna finish the process now.  Amazing how you get one thing done and you are ready to do the rest now.. sigh if only I was made of money.  I have brought it up to my husband and he acts supportive yet I know I need to not push it.  We need to look at adoption next.  I have time, I remind myself of this.  However this would not be covered by insurance by any means. A good bra will have to work for now.

He also zeroed in on my inner thighs.. they are a mess of course. I have a lot of extra skin there... i realize this now that the stomach is gone (UGH - why does that happen LOL).  Well, I am not interested in the incision that he would have to make.. he can sometimes do it along the inner upper aspect where the leg meets the torso but not mine... id have to have in inner crescent type of cut down the middle to the knee basically - YUCK.  I also don't want the scar on the arms either.  So anyways.. No wonder women get addicted to this stuff.  It can go on and on and on.... regardless I am so amazed by THESE results. Id like some boobs and call it done honestly.  Let's just pray i fit into pants when this is all said and done with my thighs the way they are.

I am still waiting to see if short term disability is going to cover my leave for this one since it is medically necessary (the skin removal - panni removal - of abdomen).  I should know something soon.

Ok thats all for now... I am stoked with my results so far.. simply and utterly amazed and STOKED!

I plan to take 2 week pics tomorrow.  I think the swelling may be more apparent, we will see.

IS THIS REALLY ME?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!  WOWWWWWW!!!!!!


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