5/25/09 - 4 weeks postop LBL tomorrow

May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day!  Hopefully everyone had a great and safe holiday!!! 

I just wanted to post an update since I will be officially out 4 weeks/1 month tomorrow.

Pain wise I am doing a lot better.  The nerve ending pain is much better, there are still smaller "sizzles" and weird sensations from time to time but nothing to the intensity as it was when they first woke up.  Muscle pain.. I get achey as the day progresses and I do feel my abs when I pick things up but it is getting better.  I do not see how you transition from a 6 lb weight restriction to no restrictions at all at 6 weeks out.  When I see my phyisican on June 8th I will ask about that as I am a floor nurse and pick up some really heavy things at work including lifting patients.

Stanima is getting better but I am still forced to lay down when my body has had enough and it is very frustrating to me at this point in the game b/c I am feeling well enough that I want to just be totally better but it doesn't work that way apparently.  Duh, I know this but I just wanna feel better already!  Mentally this is the hard part for me.

Healing wise though I have done terrific.  No wound infections or seromas so far, knock on wood.  I do have swelling in my abdomen especially around the incision line itself and activity does make it worse.  By morning I am less swollen.  I am taking bromelain and wearing my compression garment at all times except when I shower. I actually love the thing amazingly.  I feel so vulnerable still without it but the vulnerability is getting better too, slowly but surely.  I am still wearing the newgel silicone strips for healing.  So far so good with those, liking them still and no rashes etc.

I am able to stand up pretty darn straight now even with my shoulders almost rolled all the way back which feels good.  Still sleeping with pillows behind me and under my knees and mostly on the couch more b/c i like the ceiling fan on but not directly above me like it is in the bedroom.  I am however able to lessen the amount of pillows behind me and sleep a lot more flat than before and sitting in chairs is more comfortable but I still prefer a pillow in the small of my back and a bit of  lean still.  I think it is more mental that I am worried about pulling stitches etc.

Belly button still has a small area of yellow tissue.  Probably is slough and it is getting smaller.  I am cleaning it with 1/2 strength peroxide and saline.  No discharge or odor, no redness or warmth or fever.  Just a matter of healing I suspect.  If it is still there I will show my surgeon on the 8th of June when I see him again.  

I feel blessed so far with my healing.  It's more mentally draining than anything just wanting to feel better and also been on the phone a lot for insurance and disability purposes trying to straighten certain things out as well as with my boss with paycheck issues... just one thing after another with that stuff but I think it has finally worked itself out.  We will see there.  I should know more this week.

Nothing else to report.  I will post again after my doc appointment on June 8th... Thanks for keeping up with my journey everyone!!! HUGS!


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