12/5/09 - Three Years postop!

Dec 05, 2009

Hello Everyone!!!

Long time no post, so sorry about that! Life sure has a way of taking ahold of you after this surgery!  A good thing as it keeps you on your toes out there doing things you wouldn't be doing preop!  I am so blessed for that!  As of yesterday, 12/4/09, I am 3 years postop with my RNY!  I am weighing in at 140-143ish and feeling pretty good about that, although it isn't easy maintaining.  It is HARD.  I never realized how hard it would be mentally but it makes sense.  Surgery doesn't operate on your brain, just your stomach as they like to say, and boy is it the truth!  I went back to seeing a conselor about every 2-3 weeks and that helps and I really like her, she is a good fit for me. I still run in the gym and still running races.  I did my 4th race - a 5k in Salem, Massachusetts when I went to visit Amy Watkins this past October. I had an absolute blast. She showed me an incredible time and I got to meet some of her amazing friends.  Her son Z, was an absolute doll as always and I miss them both dearly.  I hope to see them again soon and made her promise me this won't be the last time we see each other :)  

Recently I have been able to get my running up to 5 miles... which is a huge accomplishment for me.  Being that I was hardly able to walk without breathing heavy preop and had intense pain both my feet and lower back, this is big time huge.  I am so proud of myself and for taking control of my life.  I see my surgeon in January to follow up with my labwork and hopeful it all comes out ok.  I try to be dilegent with taking vitamins.  I do a pretty good job, I will miss a calcium dose here and there.. hard to remember to get 4 doses in a day sometimes...... but I try hard.  

Otherwise, still working at Skilled Nursing at Mercy Medical Center North Iowa on the weekend night shift as a Baylor.  I recently started a Back on Track program that meets twice a month for those who have gained weight after surgery and its a great smaller group of gals this first go round.  Have a really good time with it and losing lots of inches and pounds and really focusing on the mental aspect of WHY we eat and the emotional ties, etc.  We are learning a lot I feel through some personal soul searching. A good thing!  Having a lot of fun with that! 

Aaron and I seriously considering starting a family now... looking at the spring for biological children and adoption classes... we have been dragging our feet some to make sure its the right time.  I will be cleared from my plastics about that time for biolgoial and also want to keep our options open just in case and he has loved the idea of adoption also - so probably start both processes and see what evolves.  I am also turning 33 this coming year so not getting any younger!!!

That is about all I have to say in a nutshell....

Hope all is well and doing good!!!  Hope everyone has a joyous and blessed holiday season!


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