1/31/10 Had 3 year follow up with surgeon!

Jan 31, 2010

Hello everyone!

I had my 3 year follow up with my surgeon, a tad late due to weather but got it done!  Total bili is a bit high so he wants to look at my gall bladder agian.  It has been high since surgery or at least 1 year postop.  I have no symptons and last time they worked me up they found nothing.  I sorta don't wanna do this b/c my insurance has changed and I might get smacked with a lot of bills but alas, I will do what he asks. I see my PCP next week and see what she says as far as referrals are concerned.  My ferritin is down from the 200's to 79ish and that is a significant drop but still normal, so I am going to add some iron.  All other iron levels are good.  All other labs are good too! So I am greatful.  My weight last year was 145.6 and this year was 145.0 with sweater and jeans on so I am pretty happy. I did have LBL this year to remove 7-8 lbs of skin so I guess that does account for a bit of gain but all in all, hey, BMI is healthy still at 24.1 he said and is thrilled for me.  I will take it.  I am doing good mentally, had some rough times at Christmas that surrounded me at work, won't go into it here.  I am past it now.  Looking ahead and onward.  Still running a back on track, 1 year and beyond support grp and having fun with that.  It meets twice a month.  I am looking at going back to grad school to finish my masters depending on how many credits will transfer or if any will into this new school near me. It would be an online based program.  Waiting to see on that.  Also going to help Aaron coach his softball team in our home town more than likely.  Kids...  well we were going to go forth but guess what.  Putting it on hold again.  Just feel we need to.  So we are.  Indecisive much? yes, we are.  But we have a lot of reasons to be.  We just want to wait right now... at least a bit.  I know I am not getting any younger but we are ok with adopting and so ya know, that is fine and is an option later if the window closes on natural before we get the chance to go that route if we decided to do so.  It is all good.

Nothing else really going on here.  Hope everyone is having a good 2010.  It is starting out great for us!!! :-) Busy as always.

Until next time... much love to all!


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