12/6/2011 5 Years!

Dec 06, 2011

Hello!  Long time NO write on my profile, I do apologize for that!

As of 12/4/2011, I am now 5 years postop! Amazing how time flies and the changes I see occuring as I reflect on my previous entry from 2 years ago (shame on me!).

I have a new job working as the Clinical Leader of a Health Line at my hospital.  I started in June of 2010.  The department is small and many changes have occured since I have been there and have spent the majority of my team revamping the software and trying to streamline processes.  I am excited for 2012 now that many things are in place there to see what is to come!

What other exciting news has occured do you ask?  I HAD A BABY! YES - A BABY! :):):)  Her name is Brooklyn Elise and she was born on 9/21/2011.  My pregnancy and delivery were all HEALTHY and her too HEALTHY!  I cannot belive it and I have RNY to thank for that.  She is beautiful and she takes my breath away, we are so blessed!  I have had 3 months off with her to enjoy getting to know my little pumpkin and and next week I return back to work. I will miss her tremendously but ready to get back to a routine as well.  I work Mon-Thurs so the hours are longer to meet my full time status but I have a 3 day weekend with her so that is nice.

I did gain some weight over the first few months I worked there and got up to 182 lbs when I found I was pregnant in January 2011.  I then proceeded to gain up to 224 with my pregnacy from 182.  I now weight 200 and that is not comfortable to me so I am currently eating very clean and exercising and trying to get back in the groove like I was.  I am thankful this surgery has allowed me such opportunities in my life but I also know I have to keep things in check or right back I go up to 328+ pounds.  No thanks!  I don't want to be that big or that sick every again.  I am still free from my diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure.  So I am thankful and blessed.  Had labs drawn last week and I meet with my PCP to discuss tomorrow.  Hoping for great results! Still taking my vitamins as I should and drinking my protein daily. I know how integral this is so I don't even slide on it.  

My husband and I celebrated 8 years married in Novemeber also so that was a blessing also.  He is now 11 years postop and I can't believe how his life has changed also but I still have to keep on him to be compliant! men! :)  

Hoping all of you have a very blessed holiday and happy new year! I will try not to be so delinquent on updating my profile from now on!! :)  Take care.

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