I am 5'5  and weight 220 with a bmi of 36.6. I qualiify for several medical problems. I have sleep apnea, heartburn daily, family history of diabetes. back and hip pain .
I was wondering if there was anyone that had the same kind of problem. does the gastic work as well for lower BMI. I have seen so many here that are doing so well and was hoping to hear that there would be some one with the same problem as myself does the sleep get better does the bp go down how fast did you lose the weight at this BMI? any thing would be great. I'm still waiting on the surgery date and 2 more test. I don't take many pictures I try to remain behind the camra. I don't like people to have to remimber me so if I am not in the pictures that will be easier for them to do. I want to be healthy for my kids and my self. I also want to go to the store and be able to buy clothing that isn't made to go over the chair. I have not been given a date for the surgery yet but hope to have it soon.
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28 March 2007test.

Thought I would add a little info that has happened since the last post. I went to the Dr. on Monday that was the last time that I will see the Dr. beroe my surgery. My surgery has been set up for the 18 April before the sun comes up. last week when I got the surgery date i was emotional reck but since then things have calm donw for me a little I still have 21 days till my life gets a change that it has needed for a long time know. I hopw that this will let others that they consider to be light weight through. I work for the hospital so when I when to my appointment on Monday I know the clerks there already and they gaveme a surprise. No not a presant that would have been better. (One of the girls in my section had the surgery and we had been talking about me having the surgery and she had given me a lot of information on the surgery. ) well she had whent to the clinic telling them that I was to small to have the surgery and that they were qualifing people that are not eligable. They told her that I did meet the qualification and that they were going to do the surgery as long as I wanted it done. So  ha ha ha on her. but why is it that people do that why can't they be hapy that I am tring to change to good habbits and have a healthy life. I want to live to see my kids grow up too. whebn I had me sleep lab the first one was during the night. I quiet breathing 10 times that night all on my back the dr said that this surgery would help me that i didn't qualify for the machine "so just don't sleep on your back till you lose some weight" how is that going to help if that girl had messed up my surgery. One of the plastic surgeons (I do work for their clinic) said he wanted to do the surgery the other gave me a hug and said honey you don't look like you need it I love those guys can make you smile no matter how bad your day has been.

I had a EDG done 5 March2007  and they found that I had whatever causes ulosers so they had to treat me for that. That was 2 weeks of sickness and lost 6 lbs but if your anything like me it won't stay gone long.

11April 2007

I only have one week till surgery. I guess that I got lucky because I was not put on a special diet the only thing that I have been told is not to eat or drink anything after midnight. wahoo have to get all thos last time chances out of the way. the only thing is since I have taken those meds I don't feel like eating and so I don't eat that much witch is good since I really shoulg get use to less.  people keep telling me how I don't need this surgery I am to small. If you haven't had this surgery any people are talking to you like this just tell them that your mind is made up and that it doesn't  matter what they say you have done your research. I have been researching for months know and I know that this is what I need to get to a healthy life.

I can't wait the count down is on. today I had a few people from the site email me they are great people and this site has helped me with alot of information. never be afraid to ask a question, and remimber there is never a stupid question so if you don't know and want to know ask.

pre surgery -221

30 april 2007-203 =18 lbs

07 april 2007-198 =23lbs

04 june 2007- 188=

11 june 2007- 185=36

june 2007- 183=38

 18 June 2007
I am 2 months out know. I have lost 38 lbs I would never have been able to do this in the past. I tried my first SF root bear yesterday. I have heard that it can streach out your poch so I had not tried it till then. I only had a couple of sipps. I have been drinninking nothing but water and tea for the last 2 months and figure that I should just stick with that. I am really afraid to take pictures of myself  still. I can tell that my cloths are to big expecially today. Sure that my husband will have something to say when he sees these pants that i am wearing. I don't want to invest in clothing yet and you can't find people that are my size on the clothing exchange. I am in lose 14 or tight 12 today I am wearing a 16 but it feels really good to be able to shop in a normal store again instaed of the plus size store. 
I don't get sick that much.  I seem to be ok with most foods I don't do to well with beef of pork, or noodles. Latley I know that I haven't been eating all of the protien that I am suppose to. I have been craving salad and fruits. I also know that I need to drink more water but from what I have heard who doesn't need to .  I keep hearing how i look so good. I just wish that i had the same feeling about myself as they do. 

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