The Final Nail.....

Nov 21, 2014

The final nail in my proverbial coffin was finding out last week that I now have type 1 diabetes.  I have been preparing for RNY surgery for about a year. I was to have surgery in July 2014 but in April had some medical issues and so I postponed the surgery I just didn't feel ready. 

I found a wonderful therapist and began cognitive behavioral therapy to learn to modify my eating habits and get some new tools for dealing with anxiety and stress.

This week I made all of my follow up phone calls, and I scheduled my necessary pre testing appts.  I am beyond ready for this now.  I will admit I struggled....a lot with this decision but if I do not have the surgery and improve the quality of my life I am going to die sooner rather than later and so I begin this journey and on 12/30 I will be given a tool to help me.  I know that this isn't a quick fix, and I MUST be consistent and follow through.  But I am ready, their are too many things that I have yet to do and there are to many people in my life that I want to be with. I want to know how their stories progress and they want to continue to be a part of mine. SO here I am embarking on this wonderful journey and I'm scared to death! But I know that this IS the road that I must go down so that I can have my life back! My beautiful, wonderful LIFE!


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