Surgery date

May 20, 2019

Hi all,  I finally got my surgery date July 10 ,of course I have pre op testing and pre op visit with the Dr and nutrician class as well before surgery ,I'm glad I finally have a date ,thanks for all the support and if anyone has advice for getting ready for surgery and what to expect thanks Melinda 


Waiting on insurance

May 13, 2019

Hi all, well been waiting on the insurance company to approve surgery and place ,so far they have approved place that I know of. I just wish it was a quicker process. Waiting is horrible. I just recently found out I have more medical issues that have arised wich means another back surgery down the road. Not the new I wanted to hear, but I take I day at a time. And since it's nice we have been going for walks for exercize to help with my weight loss too keep on track well hopfully my next update is the date of my surgery. Everyone have a great day, thanks Melinda 

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After appt

Apr 25, 2019

Hi all, well I went to Dr appt today ,the doc said the gasteral bypass is the best and he approves of this surgery now we have to wait for the insurance approval. Does anyone know how long that takes I am so ready I lost anther 4 pounds I had to go down in size in my knee brace which I am excited about it means I'm getting smaller. I hope the insurance comes back quickly. They told me today once I have a surgery date we have to schedule pre tests and pro opt and nutrician class. I'm one step closer , well have a good day thanks Melinda 


Day before Dr appt

Apr 24, 2019

Hi all ,well today is the day before I found out the tests results from the two tube tests (the 24 montering probe and swallowing test ). This will tell us which surgery  the Dr  recommends. I am looking forward to know what is in store for me next. What surgery and when it is going to happen. My stomach feels like it is in knots I guess nerves have a lot to do with it. Wish me luck ,I will send in a update after the appt, take care all thanks Melinda 


Ready for the next step

Apr 12, 2019

Hi all, well I got both tests completed and we see the Dr on the 25th for the results and possibly which surgery he thinks is best and just maybe a surgery date. They told me once the surgery date is set then you take a nutrition class about the food after surgery. So I feel we are really close to the big day I am so ready to continue with my journey. I just thought I would give an update have a good night.thanks melinda


Day off test

Apr 10, 2019

Well today is the day of my test to check the acid in my stomach the 24 hr probe ,and swallowing test, I had my other  2 Dr appts yesturday and got released to have the surgery now we just have to find out which one ,it has been a long journey to get this far but well worth it, since my start in the program I understand what it means about food intake and how different foods affect your body and am More conscience of what I eat, wish me luck have a good day thanks melinda


Looking for a active support group

Apr 06, 2019

Hello ,I'm looking for a active support group around my area or I can do it online, just want to discuss about weight loss surgery, what to expect before and after and what life changes people have gone through, and have any of you had difficulty with support from family. Thank and have a good day ,Melinda 


Another update

Mar 29, 2019

Hello all, well I went to the psych evaluation and it went quite well and I am cleared by her to continue. And I have the time for my probe test for my stomach on the 10 of April and my one friend is helping with the meal plan after surgery so she is going with us to talk to the dietician on the 9th to learn all she can about the do and don'ts  about food for me. I think that that is great that she is supporting me in my journey, now I have another question has anyone had your spouse not want you to do the surgery  or is,afraid if you do the surgery it may harm you more then help you? My husband is worried about it a lot he is supporting me in my journey but he thinks I can loose the weight my self. I tried to explain to him it is not that easy and plus with me having a knee issue also it is very hard to exercize because I have to have a knee replacement after I loose the weight. So there is a reason we are on this journey for me to get healthy and to be able to function like a normal person, I feel I am on the right track.  If anyone has advice on anything please let me know. Thanks Melinda 



Mar 19, 2019

Hi all, I have a few questions on food,I have a friend who is going to help with preparing the food but we are not sure on some things. She is wondering about what kind of seasonings/herbs I can have ? This is for the pureed food. What types of meat and is fish still ok ? And how can some veggies be cooked and which ones do we avoid? And when can I have raw veggies ? What types of food can't I have during 1st month after surgery? And can the pureed foods be frozen? And when it comes to herbs fresh or dried? I know it's a lot of questions but I want to do this the right way. And we are trying to avoid me getting sick or cause complications. That is why I am asking ahead of time. I appreciate any feedback thanks Melinda 


Getting nervous

Mar 19, 2019

Hello all, well getting closer to the mental evaluation,  and i finally got a time for my tube test for April and what to expect the day of. I would appreciate anyone's experience on the two tests I have to do. The test are a swallowing test and the 24 hr probe to measure acid in my stomach they are scheduled April 10th and after that I see the Dr to figure out which surgery is best. Sounds like I will not have to weight to much longer for surgery. Any input would be much appreciated. Thanks Melinda 

And have a wonderful day

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