Mar 19, 2019

Hi all, I have a few questions on food,I have a friend who is going to help with preparing the food but we are not sure on some things. She is wondering about what kind of seasonings/herbs I can have ? This is for the pureed food. What types of meat and is fish still ok ? And how can some veggies be cooked and which ones do we avoid? And when can I have raw veggies ? What types of food can't I have during 1st month after surgery? And can the pureed foods be frozen? And when it comes to herbs fresh or dried? I know it's a lot of questions but I want to do this the right way. And we are trying to avoid me getting sick or cause complications. That is why I am asking ahead of time. I appreciate any feedback thanks Melinda 


Getting nervous

Mar 19, 2019

Hello all, well getting closer to the mental evaluation,  and i finally got a time for my tube test for April and what to expect the day of. I would appreciate anyone's experience on the two tests I have to do. The test are a swallowing test and the 24 hr probe to measure acid in my stomach they are scheduled April 10th and after that I see the Dr to figure out which surgery is best. Sounds like I will not have to weight to much longer for surgery. Any input would be much appreciated. Thanks Melinda 

And have a wonderful day

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Another update

Mar 12, 2019

Hello all, i have the psych evale scheduled for the end of the month things seem to be going a little quicker now. What is the next step after that and how long after is the surgery? I know I still have those 2 tests on the 10 off April to decide on which surgery to do. Have a good day all ,thanks Melinda 


Update on progress

Mar 11, 2019

Hi all ,well went to two appts today loss another 4.2 pounds and the dietician is ready to sign off and pretty close to getting surgery, just have to get through those next 2 tests so the Dr can tell me which surgery to do ,which one is best for me and get the counselor evale done ,I feel we are real close, I got the paperwork on what happens after surgery today. Does anyone know after you see the menal helth person how soon after is the surgery schedule? Thanks Melinda 

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Day by day

Mar 06, 2019

Hello I recently read info for gasteral bypass, and the sleeve surgeries and both had very good points and i understand now more about them thank you Kathy for sharing the info I still have questions about vitamins ,the dietitian told me to start the celebrate brand, does anyone know any brand that is less expensive? I tried looking in drug stores and they dont even come close. So if anyone else has any other types I might be able to try let me know please. My appt for the nose test is scheduled for the first part of April I have to wear a tube down my nose for 24 hrs and i have another test the same time, I think both test are for the digestive area . These tests are to help figure out what surgery to have or what is best for me.i would appreciate anyone's feedback thanks Melinda 


I'm new here

Feb 17, 2019

Hi my name is Melinda, I am starting with my journey to get my surgery I have been the program a little over three months. My questions are what do I expect from surgery? I met with my surgeon and i have to do three tests before we can decide on which surgery is better. I have to wear a tube down my nose for 24 hrs ,I am kind of nervous about that one. Has anyone had the test if so how did it go? Also I would like to know some differences people have had after any of the three surgeries? Since I have started the program I have loss about 20 pounds and changes a lot of eating habits.and I try to exercise 30 daily. I would appreciate any responses that would help me learn more and have support through this life change. Thanks melinda


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