Helpful tips for posting

Jul 26, 2014

We've put together a list of helpful tips for posting.  The tips will help other OH community members to be able to provide information and support to you. 

Big thanks to Amy R., Citizen (USA Brit) Kim, Hislady and Bette B. for their great suggestions.

1.  In the Subject line of your post, include a few words as to what you are posting about. 

2.  In your post, including the information:
     A.  Which surgery procedure you had (or are having)
     B.  When you had surgery (under a year post-op:  month/date/year or if over one year post-op:  month/year).
          Example - "I have had TYPE OF SURGERY and am NUMBER of weeks/months/years post-op (or had surgery in YEAR")

3.  Personalize your OH profile to be about you.  The time you spend on your profile is important for you and other members in the OH community.  Share about your journey, write blog posts, upload photos and other completed items on your profile helps members to get to know you better. 

4.  Make sure to add a photo or image as your avatar.  It will help other members to be able to identify you by your avatar and your username or display name.

5.  Please know that members are trying to help and support you when they reply to your post.  If you think something in a post is too direct or sounds negative to you, keep in mind that you can't read a person's voice and tone in a written post.  Remember that they've taken the time and care in replying to you. 

6.  Review the Terms of Service and make sure your posts are within the TOS. 

We're all part of this special OH community!