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May 02, 2010

Well, I did have my surgery. March 23rd, I have been so focused on eating, drinking, and learning how to live after surgery, that I have neglected to blog lately. Everything went fine with surgery and everything is going fine now. I have lost 53 pounds since February 8th. I lost 22 pounds preop and 31 pounds since surgery. I am very excited about that! Let's see...my Doctor doesn't do the protein shakes, so I have never had to deal with that (luckily)! I researched prior to surgery about people not being able to tolerate certain foods after surgery...I can pretty much tolerate anything, any meats, fruit, etc. as long as it is in small amounts. I (thankfully) have not experienced dumping! Honestly, I think my key to this is...I do not want to dump, I am scared to dump, so I stay away from stuff that has anything more than 10g sugar/sugar alcohol. I have heard that some people can tolerate sugar after surgery, I just don't want to know...my luck I would be able to tolerate it and where would that get me? That's what got me here in the first place. As far as amounts of food I can eat, I will be 6 weeks postop tomorrow and I can eat just about an ounce, maybe two depending on if it is soft or not. I struggle with waiting 30 minutes to drink after I have eaten. I still do not ever feel the feeling of hunger, but I definitely feel the feeling of being full. I have to make myself eat because if I don't there have been times I haven't even thought about food and it will be 4 o'clock in the evening. So, I have to remind myself to eat now (which is so far from how I used to be). I cannot drink bottled or tap water. I even bought a brita faucet filtration system. But...about two weeks ago I discovered that if I squeeze lemon into my water, I love it! So, now I am constantly sipping on my lemon water. Physically, I haven't been able to do too much yet, although I am noticing the pain in my leg, knee, and ankle from my accident and disability has reduced significantly. As I lose the weight I can feel the difference and have become more mobile already, I can only imagine what another 100 pounds would feel like. I find myself questioning all the time. Am I doing this right? Is this ok or is that ok? Should I be meeting up with friends for lunch? I see the numbers going down slowly, but my clothes aren't falling off yet or in the pictures I can't tell yet. I have been trying to allow everything to go the way it is supposed to and just remind myself that I am doing the right thing and as more weight comes off I will be able to notice a difference. Other than that...like I said, everything is going well and I am just taking things one day at a time. Feel free to message me any questions, if you have them. I always love to talk. Also, check out my group TextPals...and I will blog again soon! Much Love!

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