3 more weeks

Aug 22, 2011

Had my pre-surgery nutrition class today.  Thanks to Elixir for the donation of her left over product, saved me a lot of money.  Came at the perfect time since we just got back from a trip to Philly for a checkup with his specialist.  His appointment went great.  We turned his trip into a mini vacation and spent 1 night in Atlantic City with the kids at the beach & went to the aquarium.  The trip cost a lot, so the cost of today's appointment was a little overwhelming.  Had to pay the $1,000 co-pay that the insurance required. 
So the dreaded diet starts next week.  14 days on a 800 - 900 calorie diet.  I had to purchase enough product from the surgeons office to cover the 2 weeks before & after.  Came to about $140, but would have probably been more than double that without all the stuff Elixir gave to me, she's so sweet for doing that. 
Then then my surgery will be on the 12th.  Getting so excited.


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