making it through the pre-op diet - down 12 pounds

Sep 06, 2011

5 days to go on this pre-op diet and then I will finally get my surgery next Monday. 
It has been hard, the first few days I was pretty hungry.  Now I'm not as hungry as I was, but not being able to eat the yummy foods everyone else has been eating around me had been really tough.  I'm so proud of myself for not cheating this weekend when I went up north for the holiday weekend.  My dad had so many of my favorites for us & I couldn't eat any of it. 
I did cheat twice last week, I had a salad at lunch with a tiny bit of dressing.  I was just so hungry. 
Had my last pre-op check in today.  I'm already down 12 pounds, so I guess this diet is working pretty well. 
Had my labs, that was not fun.  She poked me 4 times, once in the arm, twice in my right hand & finally got a vein in my left hand.  Both of my hands are bruised and sore.


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