Insurance is going to pay now

Dec 02, 2011

I'm so happy!!  My insurance nightmare has been taken care of.  They have decided to waive the $25,000 lifetime limit and re-process my claim.  What a relief that is!! 

I called them last year in December to find out what my benefits were. They told me the rules and that I would have a $1,000 co-insurance that I'd have to pay and then it was covered at 100%.  They didn't mention any limit on the benefits that would be paid.  But when they processed the surgery claim, all of a suddon there's a $25,000 lifetime limit on obesity treatment that I had never been made aware of.
I went through the required 6 month diet from December to June.  I got approved for surgery in July and had surgery in September.  Come November I received the EOB from Priority Health and they had rejected several charges from the surgery.  I was shocked that I was getting a huge bill which I really can't afford to pay.  I had just received a bill from the hospital last week for the $5,700 the insurance had rejected.


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