POH Medical Center

"The intake Nurses before surgery were absolutely exceptional. The Nurses post op were mostly good as well, not as responsive or complete as the intake nurses. The room I had was directly across from the nurses station and the night was just unbelievably loud. There was no regard for the patients who had just had surgery and were trying to get a nights sleep. So bad I requested leaving after only 1 night, when I would have stayed 2 if it weren't as bad. I have no suggestions to make this better."

Mark Pleatman

"Responsive and interested. His staff was extremely helpful and thorough. I had a very odd experience, right before surgery. I don't feel that Dr. Pleatman was as aware of his effect on me as the patient, one minute away from going into major surgery.rn That all was not the way to go into surgery.rnrnI look forward to his post operative care so I hope that I come to forgive this freaky moment. Dr. Pleatman's materials do cover in depth all the risks of surgery. I will probably amend this description after my first year anniversary. Right now I don't want to create negative Karma. I chose Dr. Pleatman because of his numbers(80 VSG's) and I am from a state that is just barely beginning this surgery. I think I would like to have had a more personable surgeon, but if it's a choice, competence far out ways bedside manner."
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