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Hi all. I was VERY active here 10 years ago, after open RNY. time passes, and it's so easy to just kind of slide away from the RNY life. I was arrogant in my self pride on keeping off the weight. Kept up with vitamins, drank a gallon of milk a week, av

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Hi, I'm back... - Hello all. I was active here a long time ago, and very involved with the group when I had surgery over 5 years ago. I've kind of fallen away, just busy with life. I'm still at my w...

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okay, this is an embarrassing subject - I am very happily 3 years out, actually started losing a little bit over the past few months but my surgeon and I are perfectly happy where I'm at. Good labs, take my vitamins, eat...

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update to life, I guess. - Wow, it's been since last summer.  Funny how when you get to a 'normal' weight and lead a 'normal' life you tend to not think about being morbidly obese. Let's see....since last A...

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Panni/hernia repair 7/6, and I'm nervous! - I have a big ole' hernia that has to be repaired, another one to 're'-repair- the mesh moved off the hernia repair from last year.  The surgeon called in a plastic surgeon to do ...

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Always interesting- more surgery...blecch. - I really don't feel too awful, except for when the alien in my belly pops out and I start puking...yep, it's a big ole' incisional hernia.  I lie in bed on my side, and it's as if ...

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over a year out, forgot to post here! Living life - I posted my one year photos back in March, but it seems I forgot to blog here.  I seem to be doing fine.  My 1 yr appt was great, Dr S was thrilled (there is a picture of us- h...

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Happy New Year! - okay, it's been awhile.  Got the pacemaker.  Then found out I had cataracts!  so the month of December involved: physical therapy 3x per wk for my back Cardiac Rehab 3x per wk fo...
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