Help Childhood Obesity

Mar 31, 2022

As many of you not know before my weight problem and weight loss surgery i was home ec techer and I love it especially when I teach kids how cook it was my favorite part of the job but also danger part to because my food addition because i would eat leftovers the kids cook. My weight problem got so bad had to quit my job at that time i was around 500lbs. After my life went downhill to point i couldn't get out bed and weigh over 700 i knew i had to do something because i love teach kids and cooking, research on weight loss surgery, and had the Duodenale Switch Sugery and lose almost 300lbs and got my job back. Now before we do our Cooking lesson show them my before and after pictures and tell the importance all eat and cook healthy food because I don't want the kids to go through on what I went through with weight and heath problems. Also i want set explain for them on it never to late change your life around.