The Beginning

Aug 10, 2009

Hi, everyone!  This is the start of my journey.  I went to a weight loss surgery seminar at Mobile Infirmary back in the Spring.  I called today and made an appointment with Dr. Wienstein for September 29th.  I am so excited!  I got a call this morning and was told that my insurance was in effect, so that's when I made the call.  I have lots of voices telling me not to do this, that it is too risky, but I also know that I need this tool to help me reach my goal.  I have chosen gastric bypass over the band procedure for many different reasons.  I know God will honor my efforts and help me to overcome this "giant" in my life.  I want to be healthy to be better able to serve Him.  He knows my heart and my motives.  Pray that those who oppose me will see the light and understand my heart.


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