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I dont think my PCP is getting my labs done correctly. Can someone please help me out and tell me what are they supposed to test? I went in December and they only took 4 vials of blood.

He is definitely missing something. I had

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I got the RNY 6 months ago abroad. In my 6 months follow up I discovered that my doctor bypassed 220 cm leaving me with 380 cm of common channel (the total length of my intestine was 600 cm, so she bypassed like 1/3). I am now

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These are my first lab results since rny 2 weeks ago. I dont know if I should be concern. I would appreciate your advice and to help me read them as I dont understand much of this.

Thanks a lot,

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Hello Everyone!!

First time posting here. I had my RNY done 8 weeks ago and would like advice on what Calcium Vitamins do you use. I friend recommended bariatric advance, but they seem to expensive.

I would appreciat

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