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Jun 30, 2011

So I have utilized my personal fitness training and nutrition information from weight loss surgery to pursue a profession in Personal Training.  I have been studying  for my National Academy of Sports Medicine certification.  I chose that certification because it is the most widely accepted...and for good reason.  You REALLY NEED TO KNOW YOUR STUFF to pass this test!  I couldn't believe how challenging the test was.  But the important part is not the test, but learning the excellent information NASM provides in their study material.  I haven't had any reconstructive surgery  (and choose not to).  And although I was considered a lighter-weight, weight loss surgery person, I have alot of excess skin.  So, I don't expect to ever looked "ripped" as they say in the personal training profession.  But my experience with becoming physically fit, because of my weight loss surgery, has been INVALUABLE.  I know nutrition, I know documentation of nutrition, exercise, etc. and I really know personal training because of my studies and my personal trainer who helped me through my whole weight loss surgery experience both before and for 3 years after.  Personally, I can eat bad stuff and good stuff....but for me....the exercise makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE both physically AND MENTALLY.  Hope this will help those of you who are really serious about becoming the person you can be.


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