One Week Post-Op

Nov 05, 2015

First of all, I'm overly thrilled that I found this website a few weeks before my surgery, which was on 10/28.  I got so many tips that really helped me through this process.  I would have been totally lost.  I lost 16 lbs on my 2 week pre-op liquid diet and one week after the surgery lost an additional 14 lbs (total 30 lbs).  Everything is going pretty good except my protein intake.  The day after the surgery I was off pain meds and have been walking daily since.  However, it took me some time to get up to 25-30 minutes of walking because I had no energy for the first 3 days.  It has been extremely difficult to get in enough protein.  I've only been able to get in an average of 20 g per day.  I'm absolutely SICK and TIRED of protein shakes and chicken broth.  I can only get down half of the protein shake so I started skim milk yesterday but the milk has 16g of sugar and I'm supposed to be on a low-fat, low-sugar diet. 

As far as vitamins, I'm only taking Centrum Vitamints.  I have 5 days left before I can go on the soft-diet.  Please provide any advice you can on how to get in more protein or vitamins.    


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