There is hope afterall....

Aug 09, 2007

I did so good for the first 2 weeks after surgery, then as I started to eat mushies and all of the internal swelling was gone I started getting into bad habits, overeating and got back up to 304 lbs.  I know much of it is water weight as my legs and feet have been like water balloons about to burst, but it has been so discouraging having the ability to eat anything and still not having enough willpower to control myself.   I was so hopeless, depressed and feeling like I made the wrong choice in WLS options.

I FINALLY got my first fill on 8/7/07.  What a HUGE difference so far.  I know it probably wont stay like this and I will need to go for another in a few weeks or so, but it is amazing to be full from eating a yogurt and a few spoon-fulls of mushies.  Plus, I am usually hungry all of the time, but my body really has not been since the fill.  Hopefully the restriction doesnt go away too soon!!  I feel much more hopeful about things now.

PS - I also suffered from horrible, excruciating GERD due to hiatal hernia that would no respond to rx or OTC meds.  It is completely gone now!


Jul 05, 2007

I went for my first post-op appointment today,  8 days after surgery.  I have been having serious pain under my left rib and radiating up my back, shoulder and neck.  I also have some crazy gas! lol...Anyway, I talked to the DR. and they said all was normal to have and that the small stich in the diaphram is probably the culprit and it will go away.  There happened to be a lady in the waiting room who just happened to have had her surgery the same day I did and when we started talking we realized we had the same pains and aches so I feel much better about them now.  When I started the week pre-op liquids I weighed 309.  On the scale today I was 291!!!!!  I have been really hungry some days though.  I plan to troll the boards for some ideas on how to get through the hunger during the liquid and mush stages.  I am so sick of protein shakes, watery soup and crystal light!   If anyone happens to read this and has ideas or suggestions please let me know!!!  I plan to post some photos soon!

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There is hope afterall....