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"I don't really have too much to say. He spoke to us at our orientation. He seemed really knowledgable and well educated. I've read a bit about him on the kp.org website. rnrn5/15/07 - I had my consult with Dr Fisher today and I must say that he was quite friendly and very excited about the progress I've made. He made me feel very comfortable. He's very straight forward and I really like that about him. I didn't find anything about him that I didn't like. rnWe discussed the procedure which I really didn't have any questions because I've done a lot of research. He went over changes that I might have to make with my current medications. He addressed the risks with surgery and the risks seem pretty low. rnOverall, I recommend him. My best advice is to stick to the 1200 calorie diet as well as you can. That's what I've done and I'm almost ready for surgery. rnrn6/30/07 - I had gastric bypass surgery on 6/27 and I must say that I still think very highly of Dr. Fisher. I was a little nervous about going through Kaiser because I always hear horror stories about Kaiser. The staff was great. Everyone tried to make me feel comfortable. All the nurses in pre-op, the surgical team and the care I recieved post op was wonderful. I feel that I recieved excellent care. I'm just a couple days out and I'm feeling great. I even went to the mall yesterday and did some walking around. "

Kaiser Permanente Richmond Medical Center

"They have a very strict program at Kaiser in Richmond, but they staff is very knowledgable. I haven't gone through surgery, but I've attended several appointments there. "
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I found this on one of my friend's pages for GBS:
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Hello Everyone!
Surgery is tomorrow!
wow only 9 days to go until surgery...
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