13 months post op

Apr 13, 2009

wow.. life sure has a way of taking over when your weight isnt always on your mind and how tired and exhausted you feel. I plan to do measurements soon and post them... i am now at 195#''s thats 105#'s in a bit over a year.. how awesome... life is busy... i joined a gym... had a new grand son... bought a house.. got engaged.. started a new job... got a puppy.. got my masters... started my PhD.........went from a 30-32 to a 14/16 and a L in shirts from a 5XL...... still keep a couple of those and sleep in them.. fiance wonders what i am thinking.... definitely treated differently by people.... and then the guys who wouldnt even say hi are all over you wont get the time of day from me..... im the same inside... just skinnier... and alot saggier.. but clothes are a wonderful thing!!!! lol

just wanted to blog about how i am 13 months out..... life is good and Dr Gluck is still the best!!! have a minor reminder of my surgery in the form of an achy scar... but if thats the only price i pay.....then gladly i will pay it....

not sure when i will update again.. but knew i needed too.. its been 5 months and life is great!!!!


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