Downhill days

Mar 17, 2011

Ok so I have been having a REALLY REALLY crappy couple of days.  This week I went back to work and its been really difficult.  For one month I had myself on a schedule and now I find it hard to keep.  Havent had protein in three days... took my vitamins monday but they suddenly made me so naseaus I havent taken them since.  

Worse part is I am totally NOT enjoying my food.   i feel like i have to revamp my whole schedule to alot me the time I need to eat the really shitty food that I am eating. 

To make matters worse X2 I am at a stall.  Been between 232 and 230 for about a week.  

I need a pick me up quick.... :( maybe a good night rest .... vitamin kick tomorrow I will be feeling more positive but for right now... this empty feeling in my stomach and the crappy food I am eating REALLY SUCK.

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5 days post op and I did 10 min of zumba!!

Feb 15, 2011

Morning Everyone. 

So today I am 5 days post op and am down to 251 ... a little confused at to when to start counting my weight loss so I decided I would start from my heaviest weight in jan of 267 right before I started the pre op protein diet.  That makes 16 lbs in about 4 week.  I will take it.  My body has played so many tricks on me with my weight going up and down.   I went to the hopital at 255 came out 24hrs later 7lbs heavier at 262 and now 5 days later I am 251 so that is 11lbs in 5days... which for mental purposes sounds better then 16lbs in 4wks LOL.

Yesterday I had a really good day.  I have energy and moving around eating and drinking well.  Infact, hubby bought me Zumba for the Wii for Valentines day and yesterday I did it twice.  I love love love to dance but havent because it just hurts and i couldnt move the way I was use to moving LOL.... BUT it felt really good yesterday to have the energy to move and feel the music and TRY to keep up the pace.  I dare say I think I even broke out into a minor sweat LOL.

I dont know if its the different diet and the family support but I almost feel like a different person.  The first thing my body is feeling as it changes is that I feel less swollen.  It amazing me how I felt like I couldnt move before and now I just feel less stiff and that makes me happy.   I imagine things can only get better.

Anway way thats my update for now hope everyone else out there is doing well.

As always thanks for listening

Day 3 Post Op

Feb 14, 2011

Well was a good day three. 

Breakfast 1/2 of a well scrambled egg.  Went town nicely this time.  I have not really been able to crush all of my pills because they TASTE NASTY that way so I have broken them into alot of pieces and have been swallowing them.  So far so good.

Snack Time : I made a protein shake with skim milk and a 1 teaspoon of peanut butter.  It was quite tasty.  Took me about an hour to finish lol but i did it.

Lunch time... WOW my mom made a Lentil soup for me and pureed it ... It had so much taste in it.  I felt like it was truly a yummy treat.

Snack time - Another protein shake made the same way as before. Yummy.

For dinner I will have Egg Salad ... yes 1 egg and some mayo.  we shall see how that works.

Anyway inbetween meals and snacks I have been having alot of water ... and I even had a water bottle of benefiber today.

The pain has really gone down alot today.  Infact I even took a drive with the hubby to pick the kids up from school and take my son to karate.  It was awesome to be outside.  I find that if I sit of lay down for to long my abdomen tends to stiffen up.

Only down side beside the sore throat. .. DRY DRY AND OH YEAH DRY MOUTH AFTER SURGERY has been that I gained 6lbs after surgery.  I was a little bummed out but quickly found out that this was normal.  Anyhooo its now three days post op and I am at my original surgery weight....  With that being said, I think tomorrow I will OFFICIALLY be sitting at the looser bench!!!

Talk to you soon
God Bless you all
Good luck to anyone whom is about to have surgery of is waiting to have surgery.

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Had surgery Less then 24 hrs ago and Im home already

Feb 12, 2011

Wow,,,, the surreal feeling continues less then 24 hrs ago I was sleeved and already im home. 

I just wanted to share with you my experience.
So my surgery was scheduled for 11am yesterday morning.  However the case before me must of became very very complicated.  I was literally climing the walls.  My surgery ended up being delayed 5 hours.  I was havintg all kinds of second thought ....thankfully my family convinced me to stay.

I was taking into the OR at 4 and my family was being notified that everything went well at 6:30pm.  I was in my room by 8 and walking by 10.  The worse part that I experienced thought out this whole thing has been when I woke up from the anathesia, I was in ALOT of pain and OMG MY MOUTH AND THROAT WAS SOOOOOOOOO DRY. 

I was dying for ice chips and chapstick.  Well I must of looked pretty good to the nurse cuz I sked if I could please have some water and BANG... there it was.  I sipped, sipped, sipped all night long.  Morphine helped through out the initial pain I havent had any pain killers today til about 1hr ago.

Any ho... the surgeon came to visit me this morning and couldnt believe that I was so active and already sipping water.  Hey quickly moved me up to a liquid diet which mean ... CRYSTAL LIGHT (which i brought to the hospital)  my dry mouth was in heaven.    Well... things moved quickly from that.  Lunch time I was able to finish a little soup and have some jello... VERYYY LITTLE. 

I am happy to say I havent thrown up once... after the anathesia nausea I havent felt nauseous or gassy at all.  I am doing well and so happy to be home.  Hope others will have the experience Ive had.  The surreal feeling I had two days ago hasnt gone away :)


Today is my Rebirth

Feb 10, 2011

Well after having my head in the clouds and having trouble grasping that my surgery date was coming closer it is here. 

I want today to be my Rebirth,  a new healthier, happier, thinner me   I am ready to face the next couple of days or weeks with a new focus and determination.  LOL  I think its time go get a new bench the first one looks full LOL.

See you on the other side of the anasthesia!!

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2 days and counting. HELP what should I pack

Feb 09, 2011

Wow... amazing how fast time has gone by.  It seems so SURREAL.  Its almost as if my head doesnt want to get a grip on whats about to happen.  On the other hand... I have been mentally preping for this for a year so I think I have exhausted all my emotions.  At this point I think I am looking for results.

I am trying to pack and feel clueless LOL ...  other then toothbrush and toothpaste and im lost and I think it will stay that way...

my new excitement is that i will be home from work for a month LOL LOL... hey i work at the hospital and its busy and stressful LOL....

Anyway.. Love to get feed back...
Tell me what your thinking....
What are you packing
What are you expecint lol

talk to you soon
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