Had surgery Less then 24 hrs ago and Im home already

Feb 12, 2011

Wow,,,, the surreal feeling continues less then 24 hrs ago I was sleeved and already im home. 

I just wanted to share with you my experience.
So my surgery was scheduled for 11am yesterday morning.  However the case before me must of became very very complicated.  I was literally climing the walls.  My surgery ended up being delayed 5 hours.  I was havintg all kinds of second thought ....thankfully my family convinced me to stay.

I was taking into the OR at 4 and my family was being notified that everything went well at 6:30pm.  I was in my room by 8 and walking by 10.  The worse part that I experienced thought out this whole thing has been when I woke up from the anathesia, I was in ALOT of pain and OMG MY MOUTH AND THROAT WAS SOOOOOOOOO DRY. 

I was dying for ice chips and chapstick.  Well I must of looked pretty good to the nurse cuz I sked if I could please have some water and BANG... there it was.  I sipped, sipped, sipped all night long.  Morphine helped through out the initial pain I havent had any pain killers today til about 1hr ago.

Any ho... the surgeon came to visit me this morning and couldnt believe that I was so active and already sipping water.  Hey quickly moved me up to a liquid diet which mean ... CRYSTAL LIGHT (which i brought to the hospital)  my dry mouth was in heaven.    Well... things moved quickly from that.  Lunch time I was able to finish a little soup and have some jello... VERYYY LITTLE. 

I am happy to say I havent thrown up once... after the anathesia nausea I havent felt nauseous or gassy at all.  I am doing well and so happy to be home.  Hope others will have the experience Ive had.  The surreal feeling I had two days ago hasnt gone away :)



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