Day 3 Post Op

Feb 14, 2011

Well was a good day three. 

Breakfast 1/2 of a well scrambled egg.  Went town nicely this time.  I have not really been able to crush all of my pills because they TASTE NASTY that way so I have broken them into alot of pieces and have been swallowing them.  So far so good.

Snack Time : I made a protein shake with skim milk and a 1 teaspoon of peanut butter.  It was quite tasty.  Took me about an hour to finish lol but i did it.

Lunch time... WOW my mom made a Lentil soup for me and pureed it ... It had so much taste in it.  I felt like it was truly a yummy treat.

Snack time - Another protein shake made the same way as before. Yummy.

For dinner I will have Egg Salad ... yes 1 egg and some mayo.  we shall see how that works.

Anyway inbetween meals and snacks I have been having alot of water ... and I even had a water bottle of benefiber today.

The pain has really gone down alot today.  Infact I even took a drive with the hubby to pick the kids up from school and take my son to karate.  It was awesome to be outside.  I find that if I sit of lay down for to long my abdomen tends to stiffen up.

Only down side beside the sore throat. .. DRY DRY AND OH YEAH DRY MOUTH AFTER SURGERY has been that I gained 6lbs after surgery.  I was a little bummed out but quickly found out that this was normal.  Anyhooo its now three days post op and I am at my original surgery weight....  With that being said, I think tomorrow I will OFFICIALLY be sitting at the looser bench!!!

Talk to you soon
God Bless you all
Good luck to anyone whom is about to have surgery of is waiting to have surgery.


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