5 days post op and I did 10 min of zumba!!

Feb 15, 2011

Morning Everyone. 

So today I am 5 days post op and am down to 251 ... a little confused at to when to start counting my weight loss so I decided I would start from my heaviest weight in jan of 267 right before I started the pre op protein diet.  That makes 16 lbs in about 4 week.  I will take it.  My body has played so many tricks on me with my weight going up and down.   I went to the hopital at 255 came out 24hrs later 7lbs heavier at 262 and now 5 days later I am 251 so that is 11lbs in 5days... which for mental purposes sounds better then 16lbs in 4wks LOL.

Yesterday I had a really good day.  I have energy and moving around eating and drinking well.  Infact, hubby bought me Zumba for the Wii for Valentines day and yesterday I did it twice.  I love love love to dance but havent because it just hurts and i couldnt move the way I was use to moving LOL.... BUT it felt really good yesterday to have the energy to move and feel the music and TRY to keep up the pace.  I dare say I think I even broke out into a minor sweat LOL.

I dont know if its the different diet and the family support but I almost feel like a different person.  The first thing my body is feeling as it changes is that I feel less swollen.  It amazing me how I felt like I couldnt move before and now I just feel less stiff and that makes me happy.   I imagine things can only get better.

Anway way thats my update for now hope everyone else out there is doing well.

As always thanks for listening


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