Downhill days

Mar 17, 2011

Ok so I have been having a REALLY REALLY crappy couple of days.  This week I went back to work and its been really difficult.  For one month I had myself on a schedule and now I find it hard to keep.  Havent had protein in three days... took my vitamins monday but they suddenly made me so naseaus I havent taken them since.  

Worse part is I am totally NOT enjoying my food.   i feel like i have to revamp my whole schedule to alot me the time I need to eat the really shitty food that I am eating. 

To make matters worse X2 I am at a stall.  Been between 232 and 230 for about a week.  

I need a pick me up quick.... :( maybe a good night rest .... vitamin kick tomorrow I will be feeling more positive but for right now... this empty feeling in my stomach and the crappy food I am eating REALLY SUCK.

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