2 Year Surgi-versary and Loving Life!

May 20, 2013

Hey there!  It's been for. ev. er.  since I've made a post, but , er, life happens, ya know?  ;)

Yesterday (Sunday, May 19th) was my 2 year surgery anniversary and my life has completely changed for the better.  Some currents:

  • I've met my goal and dropped below it by a couple of pounds (current 168);
  • I can wear my husband's jeans
  • For the first time since high school, I weigh less than he does! (He's a fit 190);
  • I can wear some of my 15 year old daughter's jeans!;
  • On the flipside, she can wear mine too and has stolen at least one pair from me (Lol!);
  • I can ride amusement park rides with no problem!;
  • I can keep up with my kid and frequently wear her out when running around;
  • I can go to restaurants and fit in the booth (and have room to spare!);
  • I can go to the theater and not feel squished in the seat, and not crowd out the person sitting next to me!;
  • I actually have been called a "cougar", and they meant it! (LOL);
  • Ditto for "MILF" lolol;
  • I can wear sandals and high heels without sqooshing out every opening and having the straps cut into my feet;
  • All of my co-morbids have been resolved for almost two years now - no more sleep apnea, high blood pressure, high blood sugar (was pre-diabetic, stays around 78), high cholesterol (stays around 68), etc., etc.!!!;
  • My hair is finally growing back in (lost SO much in the first year)!
  •  I look and feel 36, not 46! (I used to look and feel MUCH MUCH older!)

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