Julie Douglass

"Julie is no longer with Morton Plant Hospital as MPH has done away with the Bariatric Unit."

Stanley Forman

"Stanley is a Very Caring Professional, never rushing you plus taking the time to explain everything so you'll understand. Plus he's one of Santa's Elves!"

John Kern

"At first the Staff was like a road block in helping to get testings completed. But once I made the appointments personally and gave them copies of all my testings and every written info from Dr.Rehnke my surgeon. Progress was made and Dr.Jern's staff submitted everything to my insurance, Humana Gold Plus. Instead of my surgeon's staff. And they receive my approval overnight."

James Kinney

"At first he was all for helping a friend get the Lap Banding with Dr.Jesse, but then Medicare came in with the "Center of Excellence" stipulations and Dr.Jesse refered all of her Medicare patients to Dr.Rehnke. At that Dr.Kinney did a complete 180 and start coming up with excuses denying to help grant receiving the Lap Banding."

St. Petersburg General Hospital

"They need filters or to change them on their ice machines. The ice tasted sorta metally."

Ernest Rehnke

"He is very nice, personable and knowledgable but still very professionable too. Make me feel as I'll be in the Best Hands for my Surgery as he also has the "Surgeon of Excellence Award". And his staff is the best too."

Betty Wedman - St. Louis

"Dr.Betty was very prompt and available right away, not like others that are so busy. Her pricing is very reasonable too, unlike others. Plus one visit is all you need as others drag you out for more $$. I felt as though I was talking to a long known friend who is there to help me. And I know if I have any other Nutrition questions, She'll be able to answer them."
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