What a day..

Jan 15, 2013

So today I've been working around the house trying to get it cleaned up before my wife comes home from her business trip, she'll be home Friday night. and I believe the washing machine has decided that it no longer feels the need to live.  From the research I've done online concerning this It appears that the bearings may need to be replaced about a $30 part.  this was not on my agenda this week.

Seems that it's just another one of those challenges that get in the way.




It's been to long....

Jan 14, 2013

Well I no this is said by  a lot of people on here but I've been away for a long time and I think it's time I returned.  I realized over these last few years as I was trying shake the moniker of the guy that had the surgery, that it's ok to have that.  It is part of my life and it helped save my life.  I haven't been the best with regards to my eating and exercising especially since my hip was replaced 16 months ago. 

You'd be surprised what that can do to you mentally.  any way the point is I'm back and I want to use some of my experiences to maybe help others along the way. being that I'm about 8.5 years out I have some good tips for newcomers and those that are post op as well.


Be talking to you and seeing you on the boards



Glad that's over

Dec 17, 2008

Well yesterday I finished nmt final for my nutrition class. It's funny I started out the semester like gang busters but as I got more involved with coaching I seemed to have less time. O wwll I'm pretty sure I'm goning to end with a B in the Class.  THis ofcourse will ruin my straight A run but that's ok.  I founf out last week that in Karate I'm going to be promoted to a 2nd degree black belt at the end on January.. I almost hit the floor.  This is going to be a large event because there is actually goinh to be a banquet that night were the cert will be awarded.. The testing and Demos will take place at the school earlier in the day.. The cool thing is there will be black belts being promted fom 1st degree through 8th degree.  
That's all for now

Tune in next time



Hello December...

Dec 02, 2008

Well now that Thanksgiving is over things can get a little more normal in my life.. Mainly because the out of town relatives have returned home...   I do wonder sometimes though as I'm dealing with them do they ever stop and take a step back  to look at themselves?? Then I realize NO!! they don't..  

What is it about family that drives people crazy you love'em but at the same time you'd like ot push them infront of an oncoming train..  Maybe that's a little extreme but you get the point..

I don't know now I need to look to Christmas the most wonderful time of the year......  Yeah right.. Actually it is, my wedding aniversery is this month.. 13 yrs... I still look back and wonder what it is my wife sees in me or saw in me.. I can be a real pain in the butt.. She has supported me from day 1  and was there every step of the way through my surgery process offering the greatest love and support..  I know that I wouldn't have had the strenght to go through it without her.. Anyway that's all for today talk to later.

Thank you

Nov 19, 2008

Well I want to thank everyone that resonded to me yesterday.  It is nice to be welcomed.  I was trying to change my avatar to a picure of me so I could be like veryone else but I kept being told that the files were to big so I found this great tiger picure.. Next to dragons my favorite real animal. 
 Anyway thanks for the warm welcome and I now I'll be talking soon.

What a day

Nov 18, 2008

Well I'm currently taking a nutrition class and we had to do a diet analysis  project. I was quite surprised to see that I wasn't eating as well as I thought I was.  I also realized that I had been away from here for entirely too long and need to get back to this group. So here I am. I'm hoping this will help keep me in check. We'll see

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