Self Esteem

Mar 06, 2009

After surgery one of the things that I have realized is that I have better self-esteem.  There was times that when I went places I felt embarrassed because of my size.  I am a minister and when I stand before the people I felt as if they were all staring at me because of my size.  But now, I feel good about myself.  My wife told me since I had the surgery that I seem to be easier to get alone with.  Even though I did not know she felt that way, I told her that is because now I like myself.  You can't like people if you don't like yourself.  I feel as if I can do "all thing through Christ that strengthens me. "  " I am more than a conqueror through him".  Every day I thank God for this opportunity to become new all over again.  When I see other over weight people, my heart goes out to them. 


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