Southcrest Hospital

"I spent one night in the ICU and they took excellent care of me in the unit. After I was moved out onto the floor no one from the nursing staff ever came and did a full assessment on me and that should have been done on a daily basis."

Matt Bosquez

"I liked Dr.B the very first time that I met him. He was kind and caring. He has never one time ever made me feel like he was in a hurry. He explained everything very thoroughly including the risks. He makes sure that you have all of the necessary medical tests before surgery. He does everything that he can do to be sure that you do not have any complications. He came to see me twice a day when I was in the hospital. He always makes sure that any questions are answered. His office staff is just as caring as he is. They are a wonderful group of people."
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Oct 10, 2003
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